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so I'm a twit

my palm died and came back with all of its data gone. of course I hadn't synced since november, which is my own damn fault. but it gives me an excuse to look around at getting a newer one (the old one is working again, but I'm not sure how much I trust it anymore, and, well...new toy!).

The new Visor Edge looks really pretty, and it comes in metallic red!!! Of course, it's $50 more than the Platinum and is essentially the same machine with a prettier casing.

I saw a Palm 505 a few weeks ago and wasn't too impressed with the screen quality. I really need to go to a store and look at all the screens, but that assumes they actually have them turn-on-able, which seems to not be the case a lot of the time. Maybe I'll find a salesperson and bitch until they turn some on. (How am I supposed to make a good decision if I can't see how good the screen is, anyway?)


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