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lordandrei and I went to see Pippin last night at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

First, let me say, the theatre itself? Whoa. Gorgeous. And the seats were amazingly comfortable.

Anyway. The only version of Pippin I'd seen before had been this one on DVD - I liked it all right, but thought it uneven. This performance I thought was better, though it had its own different uneven bits.

The weakest point in this one was the actress playing Fastrada - she had the character down pretty well, but her singing and dancing was a bit weak. (Of course, as Andrei pointed out, I'm comparing her to Chita Rivera from the other version, and who can stand up to that?) The Leading Player was no Ben Vereen, but was very good. Berthe was amazing. Pippin himself was very very good - better than William Katt in the DVD version, I thought. And, if you will allow me a moment of superficiality, the chorus was so hot I think I left my seat sticky. Oops.

There were a bunch of interesting tweaks to the show overall - a new ending, especially, which I think I like, but changes the tone drastically. I don't know whether the changes are specific to this production, or a gradual evolution the show has undergone over the last 20-some years.

The 5th is doing West Side Story next May. I so want to see it. I think the only live production of that I've seen was a Scotch'n'Soda production in college, which was, well, an amateur college production.
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