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There are times when I am a dork.

So my project for the day seems to be Organizing the Bedroom (tm). Call it spring cleaning if you like.

As I'm working my way around the room, I get to a large plastic bin labeled "winter clothes". I open it, and it is, in fact, filled with winter clothes. Which I packed into said bin when I moved to Los Angeles - THREE YEARS AGO.

Gee, these things would have been nice throughout this past winter when I was grumbling about not having enough warm clothes, but not wanting to spend the money or time to find more.

There's a whole passel of really nice velvet and silk shirts in there, and two winter coats! One leather! (Bringing my total of leather coats up to - um - six, I think. Yes, I like leather. Shush.) I'd forgotten all about these things!

I must admit one advantage of being a forgetful pack rat is that when I do re-discover things that have been lost for years - it becomes my unbirthday! With presents that I don't have to feel guilty about not writing thank-you notes for!
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