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For those of you who missed the announcement over on firesea (yes, I know it's been quiet over there, but I'm still using it!), I have stuff in the store at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival this weekend!

I'll be there on Saturday afternoon - there's a workshop on art business for artists (focused on non-mainstream art, which has always been my issue).

Also coming up I'll be one of the Featured Artists in the April show at AoS - it's a sci-fi/fantasy themed show, should be a lot of fun. It's running all month, with an opening reception April 8th.

And then there's NorWesCon (assuming the show registration hasn't closed yet - I can't get them to respond to my emails asking when the deadline is) April 13-16.

(Formal announcements of the rest of this will go out on firesea, but I know a lot of you don't read that, so you get the crosspost. Nyah.)

Methinks I need to paint this afternoon.
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