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if i were a terrorist...

what would I be thinking right now?

Boston is in a 'state of readiness' for another possible attack this weekend. The terrorists have got to know this.

Someone pointed out somewhere that the sensible plan for them, if they wanted to do more than the original wave of attacks, would be to do it either right away (i.e., last Wendesday and Thursday) or wait a couple months for the alert to die down. Doing something now, after we've mobilized and hightened security and all that, doesn't make a whole lot of sense from their point of view. They're too smart for that, unless they think they have a plan that no one will suspect - something no one will be able to block against. What might that be? A new computer virus? Suicide bombers walking into buildings instead of flying in? A radioactivity source placed in the water supply?

I wonder if at this point they may just want to continue terror rather than large-scale destruction - that would be pretty easy. A few more suicide bombers driving up crowded city streets with a car full of gasoline, lighting a match. If you don't care about preserving your life....

Bleh. This is depressing to think about. In any case, I'm going to stay far away from downtown this weekend. Say, in Shrewsbury. Playing games. And hoping nothing happens.


Sep. 21st, 2001 11:29 pm (UTC)
We can't do anything?
In most jurisdictions in this country, conspiracy to do something or other is a crime itself, even if the overt act has not yet been committed. This is my understanding, at least. If they have reason to believe, for instance, that somebody's gonna try an assassination, they most certainly will detain the individual and investigate further.

Now, getting evidence enough to convict is something completely different. But it doesn't take all that much to give probable cause for detainment.

Am I wrong?


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