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Went to Boston Pride on Saturday - I can't say how cool it was to see so many people there. The paper said 10,000 people *marched* (of which I was one, yay!) and as many as 80,000 there by the end of the day. And lots of kids and families - gave me hope for the sanity of the world. That doesn't happen often!

And, of course, I ran into Melissa, who I haven't talked to for nearly 3 years. I was half afraid she would hate me, but she was ecstatic - it's really cool to have someone be that happy to see you :). Of course, I'm still a little nervous that things will get bad again, but hopefully we learned something from last time (if nothing else, that living with each other is a Bad Idea (tm)!). And damn but her SO is good eye-candy. Heh.

And I met up with the Poly Boston group, which seems to have a lot of cool people in it. Now I just need to get Jarrett and me a girlfriend ;)

So, stuff. Haven't gotten anything done yet at work today, doubt I will. That whole Monday thing. But I get to go pick up furniture this afternoon, and then we will have a Real Couch and Real Comfy Chair!

Hm. I sense impending lunch.

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