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Good grief

So, as any reasonable geek in my situation would do, I've been combing the net for early pregnancy information over the last few days.

What I find horrifying - though I suppose I shouldn't find it surprising - is the sheer amount of Stuff that people are trying to convince me to buy now now NOW. Never mind that I'm not exactly bursting out of my clothes yet, let alone needing to furnish a nursery! Looking ahead and being prepared is all well and good, but these people are trying to get me to start buying baby blankets and stuffed animals as soon as I get that second line on the pee stick. (No, seriously! Never mind that it's about the size of a pea and doesn't even have a heartbeat yet!)

And, of course, it's all masked in the language of "pamper yourself", "you deserve it", "of course you want this, it's okay to indulge". All the modern advertising language that I despise, but have learned to tune out for most things. But as I enter into a new arena of products, the slimy brainwashing hard sell hits me like a mack truck to the forebrain.

Since when, exactly, does pampering myself involve spending money I don't have to spare on stuff I don't yet need?

To whom it may concern - I'm not planning on buying anything for the baby until at least May. Of course I recognize that may change between now and then, but for now at least, leave me alone in my happy little anti-consumerist bubble? Please?


Dec. 28th, 2005 05:08 pm (UTC)
I would suggest taking the time to investigate what you will need and determine if there are multiple-use items that would suffice. For example, our friends have this foldup playpen thing that has a crib insert to use when baby is small, a changing table top, and a hanging organizer for diapers and such. If you don't want to buy or obtain a crib or changing table, that could be quite a nice solution that is also terribly portable.

I was also quite impressed at the baby carrier they have that snaps into a base in the car to be a carseat. ONE BUTTON is all you need to pop that sucker loose, yet it's a stable and safe as can be. Kind of neat, actually.

Just throw those nesting instincts into learning about what is available, and you'll find all kinds of cool solutions.


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