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the meme spreads

I should look at this later and see what kind of a person this would describe to me if I didn't know me.

Full Name - Heather Keith. There are dark rumors of a middle name, but I deny everything.
Age - 23
Nicknames - Shimmering Jemmy, Hecate, Shadowcat, and various names snarfed from fantasy novels
Sex - Female
Birthday - July 9, 1977
Where Do You Live - near Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Are You A Flirt - if I'm in the right mood, hell yeah
Shoe Size - 9ish
Hair Color - brown, occasionally dyed red or black.
Eye Color - hazel
Parents Names - Bill and Nina
Righty Or Lefty - lefty
Hobbies - art of all kinds, writing, dance, drumming, piano and other instruments. When I get money/time, skydiving, rock climbing, and figure skating
What's Your Sign - Cancer with Aries/Taurus rising

You Go To For Advice - Jarrett, Laurel, Ezzie
You've Dreamt About - everyone
You Tell Your Dreams To - Jarrett
You Tell Secrets To - Jarrett

Chocolate Milk Or Hot Chocolate - given I don't like chocolate....but hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps is heavenly anyway.
Mc Ds Or hungry jacks - Never heard of Hungry Jack's.
Marry Perfect Lover Or Perfect Friend? A bit of both, hopefully, but leaning more towards perfect friend.
Root Beer or Dr Pepper - Ewwww. Mountain Dew all the way, baby.
Sappy/Action/Comedy/Horror - not sappy, not gross-out horror, not slapstick comedy. Fantasy and science fiction
Coffee/Cappucino/espresso/tea - Yuck.
Cats Or Dogs - Cats
Mud Or Jello Wrestling - jello!
With Or Without Ice Cubes - depends on the beverage
Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate/White Chocolate - ew.
Sunny Or Rainy - sunny
Winter/Spring/Summer/autumn - autumn
Vanilla or Chocolate - vanilla
Skiing Or Boarding - never done either. Winter sport of choice is figure skating
Biking Or Blading - if I had ever done it for more than 10 min, probably blading
Cereal Or Toast - toast
Night or day? - depends
Gloves Or Mittens - gloves
Dressed Or Undressed - undressed
Chewing Gum Or Hard Candy - depends. don't like candy all that much, anyway
Motor Or Sail Boat - sailboat

Colour - black, deep red, royal blue, purple, silver.
Number - 93
Fav Subject - yes.
Sport to watch - depends on mood. hockey, gymnastics, figure skating are all good.
Alcoholic Drink - at the moment, Alize (passion fruit liqueur). Margaritas are good all-around staples.
Sound - silence of a new-fallen snow
Smell - mango

Truth Or Dare - depends on my mood (like so much else)
Ocean Or Pool - ocean
Cake Or Pie - probably pie. depends what kind.
Silver Or Gold - silver
Diamonds Or Pearls - If I had to choose, diamonds. I like sapphires and garnets better.
Shaken or stirred - shaken
Taco Or Burrito - taco!
Armageddon Or Independence Day - Independence Day
Sunrise Or Sunset - sunset
Crushed Ice Or Cubed - If it's in a drink, cubed. If it's by itself or in a slushie-type thing, crushed.
Pizza Or Beef - hmmm. probably depends on mood
Ice Cream Or Ice Cream Bar - strawberry ice cream

Did you like school or hate it? - both
Do you like to talk on the telephone? - hatehatehatehatehatehate
Do you like to dance? - yeah!
Have you ever been skinny dipping? - yes
Ever thought you were gonna die? - yes
Have you ever been high? - yes
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? - used to. stupid dust allergies stopped that, though
Have you ever broken/fractured a bone ? - fractured a finger and a wrist figure skating
Do you have any piercings? - yes
Where? - one in each ear (boring). I've considered getting an eyebrow or a navel piercing, but would probably get a tattoo first.
Do you consider yourself a good listener? - yes
Can you swim? - yes
Do you sing in the shower? - sometimes
Do you think cheerleading is a sport? - I suppose
Have you ever stolen anything? - yes
What color is your toothbrush? - red and white
What kind is it? - oral-b something or other
What's your worst injury ever? - colliding with Jarrett and snapping one of my front teeth. yay root canal.
What's the hardest thing about growing up? - fighting the illusion that you have to stop playing
Ever been in love? - six or seven times, sometimes with more than one at a time. whee.
What are you wearing right now? - black shorts, red t-shirt
Favorite place to be? - Santa Cruz, California.
What do you wear to bed? - nothing
What do you look for in a guy/girl? - empathy, trustworthiness


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