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For the new kids: about half my writing these days (and the more interesting half, in my admittedly biased opinion) is over at firesea, my art blog. Go forth and spread the word, for it is nifty.

A Thelemic Study Group is alive and well in Snohomish County! First meeting (that we went to, the others have been meeting for a while) went really well, and really is just what Andrei and I need right now.

Impending financial disaster appears to have been averted (again). It is good, but I am good and sick of the endless "just a little bit more to tide us over". Andrei is getting interviews. Sooner or later one of them will come through. Comma dammit.

Sekrit message: 48 hours.
Tags: firesea, oto, thelema, update

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