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Gooood parties last night. Lotsa dancing at gasbarri's, and I am hurting this morning. (Damn that Saturn return.) I am also still covered with glitter. Tee hee.

My ultra-last-minute, stuff-around-the-house costume was a modern gypsy. Since these days we hold our wealth in data rather than coins, I wore a belt of hard drive platters and a couple old computer chips around my neck; plus a hideous mishmash of fashions, a couple of firewire cables wound about, you get the idea. (Yes, pictures exist - I may or may not post one later depending on how it came out.)

A couple people got it, but most were politely confused, I think. But it accomplished my goal of being at least mildly clever while still being comfortable for a night of debauch- er, partying. (I did far too many years of elaborate, fantastic costumes that I wanted to rip off of myself before a half hour had passed, which kinda defeats the point unless you're only in a costume contest. One year I will find the perfect balance, but until then I'm erring on the comfortable side.)
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