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According to this, MirrorMask is not opening anywhere in the state of Washington, EVER.

And of course, all the usual movie search sites are only telling me "This movie is not currently playing in your area", not anything USEFUL like if it's ever opening here or where the nearest place is it might eventually be opening.

*head slams wall*

Okay. *deep breath* All else fails, we'll catch it in Portland when we're down there in December. Or in LA when we're there in November.

But good gods, who PLANNED this release schedule? Omitting a progressive, artsy city like Seattle? The movie'd make a mint here!


EDIT: The LJ Genie in the form of mistress_gaelan has informed me that the Varsity Theater in Seattle is showing it next week! So the Sony Pictures site is, in fact, incomplete.

Tags: rant

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