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Just sent tailerouge back to Maine after a week's visit.

Tomorrow lordandrei and I fly to Vegas for the weekend - primarily to be at the opening night of Avenue Q at the Wynn :). We should have some free time Saturday during the day if any Vegas locals (z111?) want to get together. We may be back in town in time for Horizon Mass on Sunday, but it will entirely depend on how fried we are.

Other than that, I've been getting my work stuff organized and preparing for my gallery opening on the 9th (comment or email me if you want an invite, btw - I'll be posting here and emailing people directly). I got about an hour of painting in today and it felt blessedly good, but the kind of good that tells me I haven't been doing nearly enough of it.

Scheduled a trip out east (Maine/Boston) in three weeks to attend 1sts at KTO. And after that is our Mass in Seattle, then a trip to Portland (Oregon), and then back to LA for Puja.... our long, lazy summer that somehow didn't feel lazy at all is definitely coming to an end.
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