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Oh. My. God.

So on a trip to the audiologist yesterday, we picked up a gadget called TV Ears. It's basically a set of headphones that picks up audio via infrared - it works with your TV, most movie theaters, playhouses, even (theoretically, haven't tried it yet) the telephone. It amplifies and clarifies sound with user-controlled tone and volume.

Now, I've tried *many* devices that do this, or claim to - none of them have really cut it. It helps, a little, but not really enough to make a difference.

These things? OH. MY. GAWD. I have 95% speech comprehension without even looking at the TV. I can hear esses. These work better than my hearing aids do, and something about that is just wrong! (in a good way)

Now, it's definitely the honeymoon period. I have yet to try these with anything other than the TV. We're going to try to catch a movie in the next couple of days, and I'll have to see if I can plug them into the phone. And, of course, these don't do a thing for face-to-face communication. But I am more excited about these than I have been about a hearing-aid gadget in a loooong time.
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