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Paperwork. I'm drowning in paperwork.

I seriously think that bureaucracy, and the paperwork it engenders, will be the downfall of society, or at least my sanity.

Turns out Nu is overdue for some of her vaccinations. Did they tell me this when I took her in Saturday? Nooooo. Did they tell me this when I took her in *for vaccinations* in January? Nooooo. I discovered it purely by chance, going through her file folder and noticing that it said VACCINES OVERDUE on her receipts. Of course, the vet's office had lost her permanent file, so maybe they didn't notice, though something in their computer did.... and also in the file folder was a reminder postcard sent in March, which somehow got filed without being read or processed. So technically the fault is mine for not reading my paperwork thoroughly enough. But goddammit, I *can't*. There's too much. This is one postcard in the dozen or so pieces of mail we get every day, half of which is trash but still requires time to filter out. And while my file folder for my cat sounds nice and organized, it's among the dozens and dozens of folders I have for paperwork that never makes it in there anyway, so even when I pull the folder it doesn't have the information I need. I have an old retirement account with some statements from 2001, but nothing current, nor do I have any idea how to get ahold of the information or even prove that the account is mine. Every single one of these issues could probably be solved with sufficient time on the phone with a person, but I can't do that myself, so that's more time I have to ask of Andrei, except that I have to give them spoken permission for him to speak on my behalf, which raises the logistical overhead still more, and it's like this for EVERY DAMN THING. Every appointment, every bill, every bank account, every new thing which comes down the pike before the old ones can be cleared away.

And in the meantime I have a sick cat who has been going outside without her rabies and FelV shots for the last three months and I DIDN'T KNOW.

I want off the grid. I want to have a big bonfire of all the paperwork in the house. I want to throw the TV off a cliff and drive a truck over the file cabinets. Fuck keeping reciepts and bill statements and endless reams of "I might need it if I get audited" BULLSHIT. It's all FUCKING BULLSHIT.

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