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Now here's a clever bit of memeage

Though, of course, it suffers from self-reporting: I know off the top of my head that I have at least three Aquarii on my f-list, who just have not put their birthdays in their profiles. But still.

Actually, it almost more demonstrates the tendencies to openness inherent in the signs. All the fire signs are way up there, who are theoretically more likely to be outgoing, open with themselves - hell, more likely to have a livejournal, maybe.


Which sun-sign am I most friendly with?

Aries leftbarright 15.05% (14 friends)
Leo leftbarright 10.75% (10 friends)
Gemini leftbarright 9.68% (9 friends)
Pisces leftbarright 9.68% (9 friends)
Sagittarius leftbarright 9.68% (9 friends)
Cancer leftbarright 8.6% (8 friends)
Taurus leftbarright 8.6% (8 friends)
Libra leftbarright 7.53% (7 friends)
Capricorn leftbarright 6.45% (6 friends)
Scorpio leftbarright 6.45% (6 friends)
Virgo leftbarright 6.45% (6 friends)
Aquarius leftbarright 1.08% (1 friends)

Enter your LiveJournal username:

Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.

Edit: Actually, upon seeing the results of this meme through my friends list, the high-scoring of fire signs does not seem to be prevalent at all; in fact, there are plenty of people getting nearly opposite results to mine. So maybe it's more accurate than I thought. Or maybe it, like so many memes, is once again nothing more than mental masturbation ;)

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