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show report

Zumanity: pretty good. Not as over-the-top-amazing as some of their other shows, but a lot of fun. By far the best seats I've had for a Cirque show. And the adult twist was cool; I appreciated them taking the sensuality of their normal acrobatics and dance and just plain going all the way with it.

Penn and Teller: a very good show, but unfortunately most of it went right over my head since I couldn't understand a word Penn was saying. So the silent-Teller acts were great, but anything where Penn's patter gave structure to what was going on, especially their grand finale - I had no clue what was going on. Which got me kinda depressed. (I'll get over it.)

Been kind of a blah day. I may be starting to get Vegas'd out. Need to win another poker tournament or something. Maybe tomorrow.

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