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amusing slot machines

I found a chess-themed slot machine yesterday. The reels are mostly gemstones, but occasionally chess pieces will come up, and if they're positioned correctly with respect to another chess piece they'll capture one another.

Another one I like is Pharoah's Fortune, an Egyptian-themed one where the pictures on the reels animate. There's a guy in a chariot where the horses run off and he falls out; another with two people in elaborate headdresses where the headdresses come off, they look at each other's bald heads and scream. There's a spread-winged Horus who does a groovin' dance.

They amuse me. I've pumped nearly a thousand dollars through various slots in the last three days, and come out pretty even. And the money put-through counts towards comps from the casino eventually. I have no illusions that we're beating the casino at their own game or anything; but, intelligently managed, it can be kept to a reasonable price for vacation entertainment.

Today we went to the Gamblers' General Store. It was tasty. We bought new poker chips. Now not even lordandrei can say we don't have enough. Ha.

I do seem to have recovered from last night's BMG trauma; thanks for all the well-wishes. Tonight is Zumanity, the 'adult' Cirque show. We've had one couple tell us they were disappointed by it, and another tell us they liked it a lot; so it will be interesting to see who we side with.

I miss my kitty.


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