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ok, one real post...

Blue Man Group was a total nightmare.

It started off okay; a little loud, but I could deal. There were some neat bits that I recognized from the TV production. It seemed a little scattered, though; some good skits, mixed with some surreal/gross skits, interspersed with music. There didn't seem to be any kind of overarching theme - a couple of things that could have turned into themes, but they didn't take them anywhere.

And then they brought out the big bass drums. And it got painfully loud, enough that I had to turn my hearing aids off. Unfortunately, it kept getting louder. And LOUDER. And LOUDER.

And then they turned on the strobe lights.

And then they aimed the strobe lights into the eyes of the audience.

And then they brought down FLOODS of paper from the back of the theater, long rolls going all the way to the front over and through the audience. They hit me in the back of the head, covered me, tangled me up so that I couldn't move.

I freaked out. Complete, sobbing, screaming, broken down freakout. Fortunately we were sitting on an aisle, so Andrei was able to get me out of there quickly. After which I sat in the lobby shaking for a while. Once I got it together enough to walk out, someone's flash camera nearly sent me off again.

I hadn't realized, before last night, what it takes to break me so completely. I could have dealt with the sound, or the lights, or the paper, on their own - but all three at once took my sensory limits and smashed them like a sledgehammer through crazed glass.

Andrei will probably post a more coherent/less traumatized review of the show. But, uh, I'm not gonna recommend the live BMG show to anyone. The TV production is fantastic - stick with that.

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