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Meme from w3woody, because I'm on vacation, dammit, so I refuse to think up original content.

#1. What's the oldest possession you own?
A fossil trilobite. I think from the Ordovician period, 490-443 million years ago. If you limit it to man-made, I have a Roman coin that I'm guessing is from around 200 AD.

#2. What one possession have you owned the longest?
A Kitty (from Mr. Rogers) hand puppet that I was given when I was 6 months old.

#3. What's the most expensive possession you own?
My grand piano.

#4. What's the most precious (to you) possession you own?
This is a tough one. I'm very attached to a lot of my stuff, but not on a life-defining level. I guess something that really would be irreplaceable that I'd be very upset to lose would be the painting by my father from the year I was born (for those who have been to my house; the big one hanging over the dining room table, and the only painting in the 'Keith Art Gallery' not done by me).

#5. What's the rarest possession you own?
The painting above, or the few of mine that have never had photos taken of them.

#6. What's the oddest, strangest, or silliest possession you own?
My stuffed purple and orange teddy bear that you can turn inside out to make into a demon.

#7. What's the newest possession you own (not food)?
The 'free gift' tchotchke jewelry box thing I got from the Giza Galleria yesterday.

#8. Which of your possessions most sums up your personality?
My collection of naked-women-photography books. Or my art supplies. Or one of my paintings. Or.... dammit, can't pick just one.

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