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Well. Hmm. Where to start.

We've been in Vegas for nearly two days now. Saturday night I played some slots, won a couple hundred. Sunday I played some more slots while Andrei learned craps; lost the couple hundred again.

Sunday night we went to see We Will Rock You, the Queen show at the Paris.

Oh. My. GOD.

The show is fuckin' amazing. I had tears in my eyes. After it was over I couldn't lift my arms for 20 minutes. *giddy glee*

So then we come to today. Time to play some poker. There was a tourney here at the Luxor at noon, $25 buyin. Something like a hundred players showed up. I was catching crap cards for most of it, barely hanging on and hoping against hope to make it to the final table.

I, uh. Came in second. $330.

I am *so* not complaining. In fact, I'm kinda giddy. Actually, there's no 'kinda' about it. I'm full on giddy. I guess I really am good at this poker shit. Note to self: play more poker, not slots ;)


Tonight: Blue Man Group!!

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