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in order to keep myself from fretting about things I can't do anything about, I will occupy myself with frivolous thoughts.

Pondering outfits for Friday's expedition to Man Ray and for Halloween.

Man Ray possibilities:

  • leather pants/bodice
    • pros: i look damn sexy in it
    • cons: wore it last time; it's HOT

  • black/blue sparkly dress
    • pros: looks ok, relatively cool to dance in
    • cons: wore it the time before last; a bit scratchy with all the glitter

  • dragon dress
    • pros: haven't worn it to man ray yet; shows off my tattoo really well
    • cons: not that fetish-y; just wore it last week to cirque do soleil

  • something involving electrical tape, to match gothfru

  • something involving the new red fishnets i haven't gotten to wear yet

  • something involving extensive body paint, just because I wanna
    • cons: have to buy body paint and shave :P

decisions, decisions.

And Halloween. I'd love to come up with a bad pun costume, but bad puns aren't really the kind of things you can actively try to come up with. And if I do come up with anything, I shouldn't post it here because I want to frustrate and pain people when they see it :)

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