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Tomorrow morning we're headed off to Comicon in San Diego. Theoretically I'm in the art show, but I got my registration off on the late side, so it's possible I'll show up and they'll tell me to go away. I doubt it, however, there were lots of empty panels last year.

I've been immersed in prep for the show for the last week; I've finally gotten good-quality prints of a bunch of my better paintings: Galaxy's Child, Safe Haven?, and Sun/Saturn Conjoined among them. So I actually have stuff within most people's price range now (at last year's Comicon I had only originals, and pretty much nothing was selling for more than $25).

I'm fretting about leaving Nuit by herself for four days; she was fine when we went to Vegas for three, so it's not like this should be much worse, but I'm fretting anyway. Silly maternal instincts.

Speaking of maternal instincts, I started taking prenatal vitamins this week! No, I'm not pregnant, but we're planning to start trying this fall, and according to what I've read you should start taking them a few months before you conceive.

Anyway. Back to the grindstone; got a few more mats to make, then errands to run, then clothes to pack, then.... it's gonna be a late night!

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