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At the grocery store today our cashier was a cute punky girl with bright pink hair and arms *covered* with Dr. Seuss tattoos. That made me happy.

In a mad rush currently to get ready for Comicon next week. And then the week after the house needs to be clean and clear for the three large pieces of furniture coming in from out east. And then the week after I have to get out the next issue of the Blue Horizon newsletter. And the week after that, uh, I'm getting married.

Nope. Not busy at all. Move along, nothing to see here.

Though I did finally get together a logo for Fire Sea Studios (see icon)! Spiffy business cards are in the offing too (which I will actually endeavor to keep in print). Eventually when life calms down (ha!) I'll have to figure out a nice redesign for the whole site incorporating that imagery.

It's officially too hot to sit at the computer. So I'm off to play with razors and matboard.

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    Pretty, pretty weather radar image! It looks like a Luna moth. I hereby dub this storm "Mothra". Not a trace of wind or snow thus far.

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