Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

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grr. hiss.

Seems the tonsillitis has not had done with me yet. I'm over the tonsillitis, mind you - but after having switched antibiotics once because of nausea, the new ones are making me unable to sleep and constantly hungry. It's odd - I've never had any trouble tolerating antibiotics before, but I can't think of anything else this would be.

Anyway, I won't be done with the drugs until tomorrow night, and the following day we're leaving for the Three Days retreat. So it's another week lost, one I really really needed to work on taxes and figuring out how to sell my house and doing preparations for my Fool's Journey ritual which is in two and a half weeks now.

And, if you read lordandrei, you already know that our car was broken into last night.

It's just not a good day.

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