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new meme

Not snarfed from anybody. I made it up meself, I did!

Show each of your LJ icons, and explain it: where it comes from, what it means, when you use it.

Keyword: circles
My current default icon. It's from the movie The Dark Crystal, one of the sand paintings of the Mystics. Interestingly, the film's designers based many of the designs in the film, including this one, on various occult symbolism - this one is very reminiscent of the Tree of Life. The image, to me, represents the circles within circles of my thought, and the colors are grounding and peaceful, so in general it represents what I want my journal to be.

Keyword: smile
A photographic self-portrait from a couple years ago. I use it when I'm amused, happy, or want to communicate intense affection for someone.

Keyword: thoughtful
Another photographic self-portrait, from last year. More thoughtful and reserved.

Keyword: lust
From the Thoth tarot deck, trump 11: Lust. The image of Babalon. For sex-related posts, sometimes magick or ritual as well.

Keyword: tower
Also from the Thoth deck: trump 16, the Tower. Destruction! Doom! Wrath!

Keyword: cute evil
Found on the net (I believe from a Fark thread on photoshopping your favorite deities). Hello Kitty meets Baphomet! For when I'm feeling sadistic, evil, twisted.

Keyword: holding nuit
A photo of me holding my kitten, Nuit, just after we brought her home from the shelter. Obviously for posts about the kitten.

Keyword: shiro
Mark Rogers wrote a series of hilarious, heavily-illustrated parody stories called Samurai Cat. Samurai Cat himself is Miowara Tomokato, who ranges time and space (and many fictional universes as well) seeking revenge on the many villains who conspired to kill his master. This icon is of Tomokato's nephew, Shiro (amusingly, "shiro" means "white boy" in Japanese). Shiro is power-happy. Shiro loves guns. But Shiro's heart is in the right place.... mostly. Anyway, this icon is for when I'm feeling manic, silly, absurd.

Keyword: runcat
I found this floating around on the net years ago. I use it when I'm feeling particularly energetic, or want to chase shiny things.

Keyword: princess of wands
As the keyword would suggest, this is another tarot card, namely the Princess of Wands from the Rohrig tarot deck. It's basically a spiritual self-portrait for me (well, except for the part where I didn't make it). I use it when I'm feeling inspired, or more than usually like who I want myself to be.

Keyword: blue
Photoshopped from another photographic self-portrait. Used when I'm feeling sad, lonely, or passively discontent.

Keyword: child
An icon of one of my own paintings (and one of my favorites): Galaxy's Child. Used for posts about my artwork, or for when I'm feeling what I think the painting conveys, secret wonder, the excitement and adventure of exploration.

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