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The kitten has a new game

Nuit has a new game.

It's called "Help Heather Sew"

The first level involves completely unrolling, and then getting tangled up in, the measuring tape.

The second level involves pouncing on the scissors while Heather tries to cut fabric.

Then there was a rest period of sitting on the fabric and looking innocent.

Fortunately, I think she will run very far and very fast when the sewing machine kicks on. For once I will be glad that it is loud and shakes the table, so I will not have to continually bat her paws away from the needle. (Though I expect she will eventually be pouncing on discarded pins.)


Feb. 3rd, 2004 11:35 pm (UTC)
heh, my kitty is into keyboards, the computer kind, and since my allergies have gone berserk -- he spends much of his time with my 'rents, which makes my mom's sewing room (she has 2 Bernina Artistas) the ultimate in kitty playgrounds. Unfortunately, my mom doesn't believe much in "brick" style laptops and so my kitty has a good rate of hitting all of the edge-buttons that control things like the CD player and such. Best of luck with the second pill. Swaddling is an absolute must must must. A good trick to pop her mouth wide open is to put your hand on the back of her head, and gently push your thumb and finger into the corners of her mouth -- push in until her jaw is naturally propped open -- and if you fold her "lips" in a little as you do this, zero real discomfort/pain to her as long as she doesn't try to bite you (why you roll the corners of her mouth in with your fingers)

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