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So I took Nuit to the vet today, just to get her thoroughly checked over. She was incredibly well-behaved for the trip - not *happy*, but quiet and non-skittish. lordandrei had noticed that she had worms (ew!) so I got pills. One today, one two weeks from now. Easy enough....

I've given cats pills before. I wouldn't say I'm an expert at it, but I know the technique. And I've been giving her (liquid) antibiotics for the last few days with reasonable success - she doesn't like it much, but doesn't put up so much of a fuss that I was too worried about the pills.

Just tried to give her one. No sooner does the pill land in her mouth but it goes flying halfway across the room and I get a claw in the nose. OW. (The pill, of course, has completely vanished.)

In Nuit's favor, she was very apologetic once I got done swearing at her.

Note to self: this cat has a truly violent dislike of pills. Get the vet to do it.

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