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Rant time.

Saw this link from burningblue: Morning-After Pill Gets Fed Panel Backing

This quote from the article jumped out at me:
Women who use emergency contraception show an "inability to control themselves in sexual situations," said Jennifer Taylor of the anti-abortion Human Life International.

I had to reread that a couple of times to be sure I was reading it correctly. This woman, a pro-life activist, is seriously suggesting that it is preferable for a woman who "can't control [herself] in sexual situations" to finish the pregnancy? If she's so poor on impulse control, oh yeah, she's going to take great care of herself during pregnancy, and is going to give that child a wonderful start in life. A "child" that is, at the point of that pill, a handful of cells, far below the point of most miscarriages. I can understand those who oppose abortion, to a point. But this?

The mind boggles. I wish I could get into the heads of people like this and just figure out how they could possibly be thinking what they're thinking. It's all too easy to dismiss them as not thinking at all, but I can't help but think that if we tried to figure out their reasoning we might make more headway.

Or that could just be the last remnants of my youthful idealism, clutching frantically for something to keep from plunging into the abyss.

Oh, and this is why I rarely read the news anymore. It's too damned nauseating.

And now the focus rush from the mountain dew I just chugged is wearing off, so back to your regularly unscheduled .... uhh, something. Oooh, shiny thing.....

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