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What the heck's been going on lately? Time seems to be slipping by me very fast. Um. Anyway. Had a lovely date Sunday with a girl I met on polymatchmaker.com, who by a very odd coincidence at one point dated a guy I worked on a robotics project with at CMU. We hung out at a cafe in Santa Monica (reminded me of the cooler places in Seattle, yay), went to a bookstore, and then on a drive up to Malibu. Currently going through that awkward stage of wondering if I came off like a dork and she was just being polite, wanting to see her again right away but not wanting to seem over-eager... ack. Dating. Sigh. But ye gods, was she gorgeous. And, like, intelligent and friendly and cool, too. Reminded me of stillraven a bit.

Yesterday the car got a flat as I was dropping Andrei off at work, so that ate up my morning. Went over to BH in the afternoon to do yoga, paint the ceiling, and brainstorm for the newsletter. The evening was blessedly free.

Today is also blessedly free, then I have stuff tonight, all day tomorrow, all day thursday, all day friday, all day saturday... I think Sunday I'll be sleeping!

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