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This time it's how to date a [sun sign]. Snarfed from fraterrisus.

Let's take my actual sun sign first: Cancer.

Here are some things you can do with Cancer to ensure a successful date. Go for a dessert, cook your date a candle-lit gourmet meal at home, feed the ducks, rent a movie together, go to the museum, go swimming together, go for a long walk on the beach around a lake, do a joint spa treatment or massage, go to an aquarium together, go sailing together, go ice-skating 

Treat your Cancer to a home cooked meal, or pick them flowers from your garden. Focus on them -- they need the attention -- and appreciate the tokens of material security. Learn to enjoy quiet, private evenings at home. They will show you how fulfilling these times can be. Remember and commemorate 'special days,' such as Valentine's Day and the anniversary of your first date. Enjoy their nurturing nature -- they will protect you from the harsh world on all the other days of the year. Be a caring companion and an emotional ballast. Your Cancer will engulf you in love and emotion. Show your Cancer how much you appreciate the emotional richness of your life together. Open your heart -- they will show you how to give and receive emotionally, trust completely and find true security in a relationship. 

Never make fun of your Cancer, even if you think you're being gentle. They will take you seriously, and could get very hurt or angry. Don't let yourself be influenced by this Sign's mood swings. Your Cancer will take you on an emotional roller coaster that will leave your head spinning! Don't expect to be the boss of a Cancer; they won't be stepped on. Emotional Cancer has definite ideas of what they want, and can be a bit manipulative when it suits them. Don't be too pushy at first or too rough later on. Your Cancer will lash out or shrink away from this kind of treatment. Cancers prefer to be petted or adored. Never treat family matters lightly or flippantly. Your Cancer may determine that you undervalue loved ones and domestic life, both of which Cancer holds dear. 

But if instead you pretend I'm an Aries (my ascendant and moon sign) it looks a little better:

Here are some things you can do with Aries to ensure a successful date. Sky-diving, car races, skiing, adventure travel, dinner date with Mexican or tapas or other hot food, dancing, go to a club for live music, go bowling, play pool in a bar, play miniature golf, go to a cafe for coffee, attend a sporting event, go rock-climbing indoor or outdoor, go to a carnival or a fair 

Step right up and catch your Aries' eye. Let them notice what a prize you are -- and then let them try to win you. Take a bold approach -- your Aries will appreciate your forwardness as well as your independent spirit. Be up for anything, whether it's a midnight rendezvous at the beach or a ride on whitewater rapids. Brace yourself: An Aries will surprise you no matter what you're ready for. Every day is a different adventure. Get ready to enjoy an always energetic and ever-so-romantic courtship. Expect fun: Your Aries will carry you away in a flurry of bouquets, balloons and little treats you could never expect. Learn to lay back and enjoy, as your Aries lover will sweep you up in a whirlwind of passion. Take pride in your Aries' irrepressible spirit . Bask in your Ram's radiance -- they will be the winner of the race, the life of the party or the star of your own private, personal show. 
Never cling too tightly or chase too hard. Your Aries will quickly take steps to preserve their freedom. Don't be too critical of them or their friends. Avoid being overly critical -- they will get hurt and leap to defend. Don't hold a grudge, either. Don't try to get some extra attention by flirting with others or by bringing up past flings. These tricks will surely backfire with an Aries, who would prefer that you leave the past where it belongs and give your present relationship full attention. Don't decide you are not in the mood once you lure your Aries into your arms. Your Aries will take it to mean you don't want them any more, even if this is opposite of the truth. Don't try to dampen your Aries' spirit or quench that zest for life. Your partner, as well as your relationship, will be hurt. High spirits and exuberance are part and parcel of the Ram's personality. 

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