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Well, all the stress and busyness has finally come to a head and now I'm sick. I did try to back off and prevent this - took most of the weekend off, actually, but guess it was too little too late.

And of course today is exactly the wrong day to be sick, as being the last day of September I have to go pick up the final load of crap at the old apartment and return the keys. Unfortunately, I'm currently having mild amounts of difficulty walking straight, though I'm not too miserable as long as I stay sitting on the couch.

Last night was an adventure, as lordandrei and I were scheduled to do a late-night mass after the last of the Thelema 101 classes at Blue Horizon. After an hour-long comedy of errors with food delivery, we had dinner, then a quite entertaining and interesting class taught by isomeme and Soror M. it was straight into the mass. No walkthrough, rehearsal, nothing - just 15 minutes for bare minimum setup and go. So the performance was a little rough in places, but it flowed smoothly enough and we all had a good time. It's fascinating how different it felt this time from the last in this role. Some of it was reduced nervousness, but I can tell now it's just going to vary a lot based on the energy of the moment. And I managed to keep from sneezing (though it was close one or two times - at that point I knew I was getting sick but was just trying to hold out on full body shutdown until the mass was over).

"But whoso gives one particle of dust..." *ahCHOO* "...shall lose all in that hour...."

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