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how loud the carpet is

This morning when I awoke and put on my spankin' new hearing aids, I was mystified to hear this roaring, rushing sound that I couldn't identify. I traced it to its source, which turned out to be the refrigerator. Just the normal, everyday sound of the refrigerator doing its refrigerating thing - but I could hear it two rooms away. With my old aids, I barely heard it when I was in the same room!

Yesterday when I put them on for the first time the first thing I heard was the air conditioning in the office - I thought there was a staticky connection to the computer or something, it was like white noise (and completely unnoticeable to me with the old aids).

At one point yesterday I was just standing and rubbing my feet on the carpet, marveling that it made noise.

A guy walked past me twirling his keys when I was picking Andrei up from work - and I *heard* them rattling.

There's a whole two measures at the beginning of 'Video Killed the Radio Star' that I never knew were there.

I can hear esses! Just barely - there has to be very little ambient noise - but I can hear them!

There's a story from when I was four, having just gotten hearing aids for the first time, riding home in the back seat saying "shhhh" and giggling, over and over, with the joy of a sound I'd never heard before. Today's version is "ssss" *giggle*



Sep. 23rd, 2003 12:47 pm (UTC)
I was gonna say... it sounds like when I got my first glasses in 2nd grade. It was the middle of winter, so it was dark while we were walking home, and I looked up and suddenly realized why people drew stars as having points. Before that, they were always these fuzzy blobs...

Hmm... Congratulations doesn't quite convey the right message... so I guess... Yaaaay!!!


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