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superfast weekend recap

Superbusy weekend, and about to dash off to a superbusy week moving stuff to the new house....

Lessee. Saturday was Pagan Pride day, which involved getting up way too early and lugging stuff to Whittier Narrows Park, then sitting around for eight hours watching the pagans wander by and occasionally answering questions. We gave out 30-some Books of the Law, which was cool. I proved reasonably adept at answering the ever-difficult question "uh, what is the [looks at sign] Ordo Templi Or-ee-ent-is?"

Went home and collapsed.

Sunday was Mass at Golden Lotus, and my first time as Deacon. It went quite smoothly all told - the children kinda forgot their cues, but I was able to redirect them without upsetting the flow. And yes, I did the entirety of the Collects from memory. The only mistake I made was in the saints list, there's one conjunction that's "with these also" and another that's "and these also"; and I said "and these also" twice. Eh, well, leaves me room to improve next time ;)

No time to write more now. This week will consist of many trips from Sherman Oaks to Mendocito Heights and back, with occasional side drops in Pasadena and Glendale. Time to take Andrei to work. *whoosh*

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