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Yesterday was certainly one hell of a day. No, really, you want to read this - at least the third cut!

With it being my first time as Priestess in the Mass, and Andrei's Priest ordination afterwards... I was so nervous beforehand. Not in an "oh no, I'm going to fuck up" kind of way, just anticipation and excitement wound to fever pitch.

Then it started. I entered the temple. I danced. The timing of the music for the dance didn't work like it had in rehearsal, but it somehow turned out even better. My nervousness began to melt away, but my voice was still shaking as I awakened my Priest from the tomb. He set me upon the altar, at which my stomach promptly started growling loudly (I'd made sure to eat a good lunch, but it seems to be a nervous reaction regardless.) I managed to keep from laughing at the expression in Andrei's eyes when he heard it. He closed the veil, and I slid off to the side to change. He was using music for his circumambulations and first speech, in part for the different mood of our mass and in part to cover the sound of my costume's velcro ripping open. Unfortunately the sound covering didn't work too well, but at least I didn't trip over the columns or anything ;).

Then came my speech. I'd rehearsed this a million times, but never 100% batteries-in, fully invoking. And I have never had an invocation experience like that. The energy that flowed through me was uplifting and grounding beyond measure. Gnostic ping? This was a gnostic symphony!

The veil opened, and all trace of nervousness was gone. My stomach had even stopped growling ;). The rest of the mass went smoothly, neither of us missing a cue. In fine Blue Horizon tradition, we hit the roof with the lance on the hriliu, and managed not to drop the Host even though there was a Bishop present.

Then communion; then Andrei closed the veil, and nearly made me fall off the altar by mouthing "I'll call ya" through the crack.

Then I changed again into my white robe for the ordination. My role was simple enough - hold stuff until the Bishop needed it. But it was a wonderful ceremony, quite different from the Priestess ordination. Andrei withstood the burn of the abramelin on his forehead with valiance (I think the redness had finally subsided by the time we went to bed). Then it was done - I changed back into my Priestess garb and it was time for the toasts.

We began the usual round of toasts. To Nuit, to the Mass team, to our Bishop, etc. Then Andrei went into a speech about these last few months; how he lost his job just after I moved down here, how everything has just come together in the last two weeks with his new job (started today!!), the new house we'll be moving into in a week and a half, how despite being in each other's faces nearly constantly for the last three months we'd only come closer together - and then he kneeled before me and pulled out the ring.

I was utterly surprised. We'd been talking long-term plans for a while, but both of us had been avoiding explicit mention of marriage since the demise of my last one was still so recent. He'd told two other people who were there: one because it was her temple, and the other to make sure that she would be there. He'd also told my mother, the sneaky bastard ;)

Lest there be any doubt, yes, I did accept.

The ring, btw, is amazing - it was his great-great grandmother's, passed to his grandmother, who added a jacket to the central ring, and then to him. It's a .8ct VS1/I round diamond set in platinum, with diamond chips on each side, and the jacket is white gold with more diamond chips. Since I'm sure someone will ask, I'll work on getting a picture of it up somewhere later today.

Edit: You can read Andrei's version of the day's events here. And no, we have no plans as yet, for a date or anything. I'm still kinda in shock here!

I think it's safe to say that there's never going to be another mass quite like that one. I do, however, plan on continuing to be a Priestess for a long, long time!
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