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Well, that was interesting

Just got back from the audiologist. We did a full hearing test, which I hadn't had done in about five years. My left ear is the same as always, but my right has dropped off the scale above 2000 hZ - to the point that I heard the beeps intended for my right ear in my left first, and Andrei was trying not to wince at the ear-splitting shriek that was coming out of my headphones while I'm sitting there calmly not hearing a darn thing.

The right has always a little worse than the left, but not by this much - and short of ear infections, this is the first significant change in my hearing since the first time I was tested (at age 4). I'm not sure what would have caused the drop, but I don't really see any reason to worry that my hearing's gone degenerative. (*crosses fingers*)

Anyway, we've ordered new hearing aids for me, Siemens Trianos (pretty much the top of the line). By the 26th (and possibly sooner) I should be hearing better, and without that damned constant feedback that drives you all so crazy ;)


Sep. 4th, 2003 04:18 pm (UTC)
I took me a while to figure that out...
"that damned constant feedback that drives you all so crazy ;)" ... the other night at Mass. It was way up there at the edge of my hearing. I thought it might be me, 'cept it wasn't the usual now-and-then tinnitus that I get. I finally realized it was you when I turned around just about the time you did, and AHA!

Anyway, congrats on your new 'uns. I hope they work for you. In fact, if you don't mind, let me know how you like them. A friend has been having trouble with his aids, so he just doesn't bother to use 'em. Makes it difficult for him when he's out in public.


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