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Well, a fuckload of stuff has been going on in the last few days.

lordandrei heard back from his job interview in Alameda - no offer. On the one hand it sucks that we don't have that option, but on the other hand I am immensely happy that there is no longer a near threat of having to leave LA. Even if I were willing to stay here without Andrei, I couldn't afford to; but I really really love it here, so it would have been an awful wrench.

After a few days of the Strattera at 80mg, it became apparent that I was quite suddenly massively depressed, and for no real reason. And this was the full-fledged chemical depression - not feeling outright miserable, but uninterested in *anything* and not being able to get up the motivation for doing anything beyond crawling into bed and pulling the covers up over my head. Oddly enough, I was still focused - no brain racing at all, I could break down problems cleanly and smoothly without flailing, but that's not much good if I am too depressed to carry anything out. Not good.

So I went back down to 60mg yesterday, and *boom*, happy-bouncy Heather was back. Had some mind-racing, but nothing I couldn't work through.

The oddest part about this is Strattera is supposed to have a secondary effect as an *anti*depressant. Go fig. My brain is just weird, not like that's a surprise.

This week I've also been finishing up the Pandemonium photo album; designing new business cards for Blue Horizon; working on my priestess costume; helping put the finishing touches on the new temple; oh yeah, and painting.

Opening ritual at the new temple this afternoon, along with membership meeting and party - should be loads of fun. And then tomorrow the first mass in the new temple, which will also be my first mass as a participant rather than a congregant! Childing tomorrow, then next month I get to be the first guest priestess in the new temple at Andrei's ordination, and then the week after that I deacon down at Golden Lotus. Wheeeeee!

Lost the ball on my belly ring sometime last night, and have mislaid my other navel jewelry, so my belly button is currently unadorned. Feels very odd.

edit: oh yeah, and next Tuesday we leave for a week in Portland at NOTOCON. Wahoo!

Time to go finish prepping for this afternoon. *poof*

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