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stuff, stuff, and more stuff

lessee, the last few days....

Performed in the Rite of Sol on Saturday - or more precisely, Jesus Christ SuperSol. Seems to have gone off well :) Now if I could just get the music out of my head.... though actually I have yet to hear it today. The current mental soundtrack seems to be TMBG's Particle Man.

Yesterday was much temple-building. The shrine is now in the new building, and the wall-veils are starting to go up. I can't express how incredibly frickin' cool it is. @lissa(HUGE!) On the other hand, today I am sore. Must attack the hot tub later.

Andrei has managed to get me to do yet something else I swore would never happen - watching anime. Sailor Moon and Utena, to be specific. (Dear gods, what's happening to me?! First Disneyland, then avocado, now anime....)

I've started a new batch of paintings, but they're going slowly.

The new ADD medication is still being scarily effective. I wake up focused, I stay focused all day, and I fall asleep within minutes instead of an hour or two. Only downsides so far seem to be that I've been a bit on the depressed and sleepy side (odd, since this stuff is also supposed to be a bit of an antidepressant), and my mood swings have gotten worse. My guess is my brain has taken over the years to giving me huge, erratically spaced bursts of norepinephrine in an effort to get me to actually react to it, and now that I am reacting to it it will take a while for the brain to remember how to give off the lower steady stream it should be doing. Bah. Even so it's a massive improvement over the adderall.

Time to go get groceries.

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