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Down to the wire as always - just finished a painting that I will be taking to Comic-Con on Wednesday. Tomorrow I varnish it, go buy the last four frames I need, put the hanging hardware in everything, do my pre-show paperwork, wash lots of laundry, and pack for the con. (And yes, I do have a photo of it and my other two new paintings, which I will put up tomorrow if I have time!)

This morning I was figuring out what paintings I wanted to take and had the previously unknown experience of having more than I needed - which meant I was able to pick and choose not only the best paintings, but the ones that went well together to form a good whole.

I'm trying not to get my hopes too far up about this con. But I'm really damned proud of this work - and I'm hoping to knock just a few of the 65,000 conventioneers' socks off this weekend!

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