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so yeah, I'm in LA. The first day was about nine hours of driving, one hour of stops; left Seattle 10:30am, stopped for dinner at 8:30pm (and then decided I didn't want to drive any more) just south of Redding, CA.

Notable sights of that day: volcanoes! I knew Mt. Shasta was up there somewhere, but I didn't realize I'd be driving RIGHT next to it. And up in Oregon was Mt McLaughlin, which was gorgeous too. And Lake Shasta - wow. What can I say, I'm a mountain slut. Give me mountains and pretty water and trees, and I will be happy :) Also drove over the highest point on I-5, 4310 ft.

Got on the road again Monday morning just after 7am. Sacramento at this point was 154 miles away, and I drove through a little before 9. Yeah, I was going fast. Four hundred miles of long, straight, boring road - until the Sierra Madre mountains. Whoa. Damn. Wow. Mountains :)

Was hoping to make it in by 3 so as to beat traffic - and so I did, just about on the nose. Brought the bare minimum of stuff up from the truck, and had a nice relaxing evening with lordandrei. Will be gradually unloading the rest over the next few days (truck doesn't have to be back until Friday, fortunately).

And now, time to unload some more stuff :)

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