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Well, if I'm doing anything with one artist, it has to be Pink Floyd.... but Tori Amos yielded better answers. And I also thought it was interesting if I just picked any song for the best answer. So here's all three sets.

Are you male or female?
(TA) Girl
(PF) Vera
Coph Nia - Our Lady of the Stars

Describe yourself:
(TA) Happy Phantom
(PF) Run Like Hell
Meat Loaf - Rock'n'Roll Dreams Come Through

How do some people feel about you?
(TA) Strange Little Girl
(PF) Wish You Were Here
Soundgarden - Blow up the Outside World

How do you feel about yourself?
(TA) Precious Things
(PF) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Indigo Girls - Secure Yourself

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest:
(TA) Little Earthquakes
(PF) Learning to Fly
Nightwish - She is My Sin

Where would you rather be?
(TA) Don't Make Me Come to Vegas
(PF) Outside the Wall
Madonna - La Isla Bonita

Describe what you want to be:
(TA) God
(PF) Any Colour You Like
Dune - Rainbow To The Stars

Describe how you live:
(TA) A Sorta Fairytale
(PF) On the Turning Away
Pandemonaeon - Born to Let Our Brilliance Shine

Describe how you love:
(TA) Lust
(PF) One Slip
Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart

Share a few words of wisdom:
(TA) Silent All These Years
(PF) Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Queen - Don't Try So Hard

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