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handedness and haircutting

So, I'm left-handed. Mostly. The one thing I've never been able to do well with my left hand, no matter how hard I try, is use scissors. Even using good-quality lefty scissors, there's just something about the motion that is really awkward, such that I have to close them three or four times to make what should be a single cut. Right-handed - no problem.

However an additional wrinkle is added when I try to cut my hair. My hair scissors are ambidextrous, so that's not the problem. Right-handed I can make the motion - but my righthand-eye coordination is not as good, such that when I'm trying to cut a piece looking in the mirror, or crosseyed an inch in front of my nose, I have problems. So it becomes a matter of either fumbling around with my right hand just trying to get the scissors in the right place, or feeling like I'm trying to use a dull spoon to cut it with my left.

The other odd one is playing pool. I seem to be pretty darn close to ambidextrous here. I think this is in part because, while your dominant hand should be the one in back, my right hand is very used to the kind of motion required due to years of playing violin. As a result the skill difference is slight enough that I can never remember which way it's "supposed" to be, and usually end up deciding based on which would make the shot easier.

Oh, and I can write right-handed - it just looks like about 4th-grade level. Oddly enough, it gets much better if I write backwards.

And then there's the rewiring it's getting due to my magickal practices. Most ceremonial texts (at least the ones I studied early on) instruct you to use your right hand no matter what, so I've gotten into the habit of making my right hand dominant when in ritual space.

I'm just weird, what can I say.


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Apr. 28th, 2003 01:18 pm (UTC)
My father would routinely start writing a sentence with his left hand, switch the pen to the other hand when he got halfway across the paper, and finish with his right. It was years before someone pointed out to him that was really odd.
Apr. 28th, 2003 03:08 pm (UTC)
i'm right handed, but when it comes to doing anything in a mirror, it takes a lot of damn concetration to make sure i'm doing my hair all the same way. especially when curling it. trying to get the curler on my locks fuckin sucks.
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