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What does it mean to "be grown up"? Adult? Mature?

The word "responsibility" comes to mind – but what does that mean? Keeping your obligations – especially the implicit ones (more than just returning someone's book when you said you would). But there are so many implicit obligations. To your friends and family: stay in touch, keep the lines of communication open. To your creditors: pay your bills, be polite to people just doing their jobs. To your neighbors: keep the noise down at night, don't throw trash in their yard. To society: produce something in the general good, be a good example to others.

The typical responsible adult paradigm: works hard, supports their family, keeps their house clean, gives to charity, pays taxes without complaint, is polite and friendly to everyone, keeps enough time to themselves to stay healthy (but that shouldn't have to be too much).

Let's see, what "virtues" does this avatar personify? Repress yourself rather than potentially infringing on anyone else's space. Selfishness is bad. Rewards always come later. Enjoying life is a luxury.

If that's "adult", I want no part of it.
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