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flash me, baby

oh yeah - one thing I did do today was install and start learning Flash.

it rocks my world. it's got tools that I've been wishing for years photoshop had (gradient distortion, wooo!).

and on my way back from babalonyieh and regulus666's this evening I stopped in the evil that is Twice Sold Tales - and found a book I have only ever seen in the bookase of a friend of mine in Maine (Thea). _Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do_, by Peter McWilliams. The first few chapters, at least, are the book I would want to write if I ever sat down to write out my sociopolitical philosophy. Fabulous stuff. (Needless to say, it's now MINE.)

and now, I think I shall succumb to the lure of an early bedtime.


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Apr. 15th, 2003 08:05 pm (UTC)
Tee Hee
Christine tells me that since you're startng to learn Flash, you might be interested in my new community, [Bad username: 3d_modeler"]. *grin* I need a flash developer in my back pocket, by the way. But I've been doing pretty well sans Flash. Check out the most recent site hannahadams and I have been working on:


It's, of course, not complete, but I've convinced IE to use PNG-24s through much prodding. I'm making heavy use of JavaScript and CSS to help the site along. But Flash might have been easier ;)

But what would be even better would be a good WYSIWYG web dev tool. Using emacs (God bless its leaky kitchen sink.. er, heart) for everything is just not right. There really needs to be a reliable (preferably Open Source) tool that just does things right. I wonder how Mozilla's publishing tool is coming along...

Ahem.. I guess my thoughts were wandering ;)

So yeah. Hi ;)
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