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to sleep, perchance to pun

oh dear, I'm punning IN MY SLEEP, now....

Some of you know my family has a tradition of giving cats names with puns in them: Mrrrneptah, Nefurtiti, Copurrnicus, etc. Well, I was napping, and dreaming that I was playing with a couple of new cats I'd just gotten. In walks my father and suggests that I name one of them TO MEowGA THERION. (The Great Beast indeed.)

This, of course, got me thinking about other thelemic-pun-cat names.... so far the only good one I've come up with is mIAO.

And of course, Therion could be made even more appropriate if the cat in question was polydactyl - he then becomes TOe MEowGA THERION.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled approximation of reality.

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