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Whee. LA is a good and happy place. The weather's been gorgeous the past couple of days - in the 70s (think it's supposed to hit 80 today) and perfectly sunny.

Lots of OTO stuff going on, which is wonderful as always. Rite of Jupiter last Saturday, which I posted about earlier; Gnostic Mass on Sunday (which I did without the script, go me) Tonight through Thursday are the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law; we'll be heading to Golden Lotus, Blue Horizon, and LVX for those. And then Friday is rehearsal for Saturday's first-degree inits.

lordandrei has now been subjected to the wonders of Better than Chocolate, and also Dangerous Beauty (to which I have given the alternate title of Babalon: The Movie). Going to inflict The Opposite of Sex on him tomorrow.

Been playing with geometric construction lately - figured out a really elegant way to construct a nine-pointed star, and have made five-, seven-, and eleven-pointed stars with minimal fudge factors. Going to try to remember to make some durable templates for these when I get home, and will be using them in a lot of the paintings I have planned.

Think that's about it for the moment. Going to fiddle around here a bit more, and then bus up to Santa Monica. Should find my sunglasses....

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