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I just had the amusing realization that the word "meme" also looks like "Me! Me!" which is what most of these quiz/survey things are about, anyway.... heh.

Anyway: Threes, stolen from tygeressdenacht

1. Three songs that have affected you greatly

Heart, "Back to Avalon"
Rush, "Bravado"
Leslie Fish, "Hope Eyrie"

2. Three books that have affected you greatly

J.R.R. Tolkein, "The Lord of the Rings"
Liber AL vel Legis
Dan Simmons, "The Rise of Endymion"

3. Three people you'd most like to see right now.


4. Three nights you'll never forget.

July 10th, 1995 (my high school graduation)
April 14th, 2001 (my Io initiation)
July 8th-9th, 2002

5. The three wishes you'd like to have granted.

To magically replace our entire government and political system with one that isn't hopelessly corrupt and broken.
To never have to worry about having money.
To be able to truly not care what other people think of me.

6. The first three things you'd do with 10 million dollars.

Buy (or more likely, build) my dream home.
Buy all the art and photography supplies I want.
Hmm. Start a Thelemic philanthropy organization, perhaps?
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