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I am Nyarlathotep!

The 999 forms of Nyarlathotep are a point of meditation for the true initiate. It is through these manifold faces that the secrets of the universe are made known. Called "The Crawling Chaos", Nyarlathotep is the disembodied ego of Azathoth and thus the universal "I" of known reality. Some of the many documented forms are; Father of Knives, Nephren-Ka, the Black Man, the Beast of the Lashing Tongue to name a few.

Which Great Old One are you?


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Mar. 28th, 2003 08:56 pm (UTC)

I amAzathoth!

Known as the "Blind Idiot God", the center of all cycles known as Azathoth is the great void itself, infinite creation and inescapable oblivion made one. The Great God is without ego, as it has been embodied in a seperate consciousness as Azathoth has cast off the curse of self-awareness. Surrounded by the host of flautist servitors, piping the songs of the unknowable, Azathoth is not to be known by his aspirants. That is the purpose of another God...

Which Great Old One are you?
Mar. 29th, 2003 01:49 am (UTC)
Why am I always Cthulhu??

I amGreat Cthulhu!

"And for them shall be set the greatest of the Star-Spawned, and he shall be their Priest!" or
so it is written in the Grimiore Helesh Nasheed. The being known as Great
Cthulhu is the intermediary between the aspirant and the other great
powers. He is envisioned as a towering giant with an eight-tentacled
face. His prodigious corpus is shrouded in wicked shadows cast by his
chiropteran wings. We believe he rests dreaming beneath this world's
oceans emitting dreams to his chosen. The time of his awakening is known.

Which Great Old One are you?
Mar. 29th, 2003 01:52 am (UTC)
Re: Why am I always Cthulhu??
Of course that is not a very accurate description of him, for one, if you read the original appearance of "Chuck", in the Lovecraft story Call of Cthulhu, he had quite a few more than 8 tentacles! And he was amorphous, allowing for more or less tentacles as needed, also allowing his to increase and decrease their length as well as increasing/decreasing his bodily mass in opposition to the size of wings so as to make for better flight, etc etc etc... I really need to stop obsessing over elder gods and read something light and cheery... Like Clive Barker!!
Mar. 29th, 2003 08:33 am (UTC)
Surpirse, surprise, surprise
I didn't expect this...

I amShub-Niggurath!

Shub-Niggurath is often called the "Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young", and is the force of creation, life, evolution/mutation. She represent the force of the one universal constant (ie change) on the biological. She is often envisioned as a dark, low lying cloud, with goat's hooves with numerous tenticals writhing from within. Her rites are best performed during a New Moon, or on Mid-Summer's Eve.

Which Great Old One are you?

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