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This painting is So. Fucking. Close. To done. But I'm terrified of screwing it up, so I'm forcing myself to move very very slowly. Right now making myself wait for it to dry before I see if I want to do the last bits tonight or tomorrow morning.

I've put more work into this thing than any other single piece of art I've done, ever. And I think the work shows, though I'm still too entangled with it to be able to tell for sure.

Would post another picture, but I had to give sea_gaagii's digicam back. Alas.

Was over at alegria_a's and ezzie00's last night. Met their new dog, who growled at my hearing aids but forgave me when I fed her peanut butter. Memorable quote for the night was from me: "Oh thanks, now my most treasured childhood memory is walking around saying 'meow, meow, horse cock!'"

Maybe you had to be there....
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