Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

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Ok, I think I'm starting to resemble something human again.

Wasn't feeling particularly *bad* this morning, just very much did not want to deal with any other people or unexpected input. So instead, five hours of painting (one of those magic times - the paint just flowed for me, bent to my will with hardly any effort). Just got back from getting groceries (yay! Food!). Much refreshed.

(In case there was any doubt that I'm an introvert....)

  • Entertainment while packing

    Wrapping up the house altar. Hm, god statues. What to wrap them in? Oh, I know, t-shirts! Wait, I better make sure they're appropriate t-shirts.…

  • Gadget lust

    The Kindle. Dude.

  • Sweet!

    Geek tattoos! Now I want to get a tattoo incorporating an optical illusion or impossible object. Like, a LOT.

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