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For lo, there was a battle of puns. It was fierce. It was vicious. Groans were heard across the country. But now I taste it, sweet, sweet victory....

Re: rune spreads

Odin-licious! Tastes like vikings! ...eww.

Re: rune spreads

Odin-licious sounds good; but there's this fear that I'd get sick and Loki for a place to be ill and then wake up realizing how thor my stomach is as it pounds as if I'd been hammered by the gods.


Re: rune spreads

Okay. This is getting Frigg-in' ridiculous. Will you stop being a-Freya-id of getting sick and start having some Fen-rith life?

Re: rune spreads

No... the Aegir is all wrong. Just take it for what it is. I mean, i lost the fake hair, and You seem to not mind that I am Balder. But, I don't want to BragI might Bor you and think we should Beri the thread. I mean you're Delling a good hand here.And to survive I really can not Eir. The pun volley will begin through a Forest-I welcome the Frey-A Frey that no one probably gives a Frigg...

I should stop. I think I think I just threw out my Magni Thursis

Re: rune spreads

We definitely should stop before someone has a pantheon attack. The longer we go the Norse it gets. And anyway, you're mything the point. This is going to get Huginn no time. So Norn of your Muninn, Urd else!

Don't worry... I've got an angle.

So... you'll have Narn of it? I would like to point out that I could keep this up for a Centauri. I live off this stuff. One could say I'm a punivor-linking from pun to pun. Of that you can be SherIDen have any qualms about DeLenn of my pun paragraphs. And you may say, "Ger,-eh-baldy", but I think I mey yet Vir off and Bester you.

Trust the Andrei, The Andrei is your friend ;)

Re: Don't worry... I've got an angle.

Ah - but all of this is but a Shadow of what it could be. You'd have to be a Psi-Corps to wrestle with me. And we were getting aLon do well. Sin clairly you have no idea what this will Kosh you, you are Lockley I am not more miLytant in my defense of the Pun Crown. But if you persist... Za'ha, Dum will befall you!

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